Top 20 High CPC “Scholarship” Keywords With Search Volume And Easy To Rank

Top 20 High CPC "Scholarship" Keywords With Search Volume And Easy To Rank

Ever wonder what are the most recent high populated search volume and easy to rank keywords for scholarship niche? Well, I have already documented this as a content solution on the list of top 20 high CPC “Scholarship” keywords with search volume and easy to rank .

Meanwhile, below are what most of the student or those who want to study abroad are search for and if you could check the rate of the searcher terms, you would be able to find out how unique the keywords are, therefore below are some search intent for “Scholarship”.

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Brief Description About Scholarship and High CPC

Talking about scholarships, it provide an excellent opportunity for all eligible students in other to pursue or further more on their education without the burden of excessive financial constraints and bills. Therefore, for bloggers and content creators who are targeting the scholarship niche, finding high paying CPC (Cost Per Click) keywords with substantial search volume and low competition is crucial. In this article, we present more about the top 20 high CPC “scholarship” keywords that not only have significant search volume but are also relatively easy to rank for. By incorporating and focusing more of these keywords into your content strategy, you can attract organic traffic and maximize your revenue potential.

Top 20 High CPC “Scholarship” Keywords With Search Volume And Easy To Rank

For the below list, presently the statistic are for calculated base on the exact day of research from our well use research tools in the month, July, 2023.

Merit-based scholarships (Search Volume : 2,500 | CPC: $10.50)

This scholarship keyword is one of the most high paying CPC keyword among other keywords. Merit-based scholarships are highly competitive, yet they offer an attractive CPC value. Create content focusing on how to find, apply for, and win these scholarships, providing tips, advice, and success stories will definitely boost your cpc and traffics.

Scholarships for international students (Search Volume : 3,000 | CPC: $9.80)

With the increasing number of students seeking education abroad, study abroad, study and work abroad, scholarships for international students are in high demand right now. Highlight various scholarships available to international students, including eligibility criteria and application procedures is the best practice to consider in your content.

Graduate scholarships (Search Volume : 2,200 | CPC: $9.60)

Graduate scholarships cater to students pursuing advanced degrees. Provide information on prestigious scholarships, application requirements, and tips for standing out in the competitive selection process.

Athletic scholarships (Search Volume: 3,500 | CPC : $9.30)

Many students dream of combining their passion for sports with their education. Write about athletic scholarships, including sports-specific scholarships, eligibility criteria, and tips for securing them.

Scholarships for women (Search Volume : 2,800 | CPC: $9.20)

Promoting scholarships exclusively available to women, encouraging gender diversity in various fields of study. Discuss organizations offering these scholarships and the impact they have on empowering women.

STEM scholarships (Search Volume: 3,200 | CPC : $8.90)

Highlight scholarships specifically designed for students pursuing studies in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Focus on different scholarship opportunities, influential STEM organizations, and success stories.

Minority scholarships (Search Volume : 2,500 | CPC: $8.70)

Dedicate content to scholarships aimed at supporting minority students, emphasizing the importance of diversity and inclusion. Discuss organizations, foundations, and corporations that offer scholarships to underrepresented communities.

Scholarships for low-income students (Search Volume : 2,300 | CPC: $8.50)

Explore scholarships designed to assist students from low-income backgrounds in pursuing higher education. Provide resources, tips, and success stories to help these students overcome financial barriers.

Creative writing scholarships (Search Volume : 2,700 | CPC: $8.30)

Highlight scholarships that encourage and recognize exceptional writing talent. Discuss renowned creative writing programs, scholarships’ application process, and the benefits of pursuing such scholarships.

Scholarships for high school seniors (Search Volume : 2,600 | CPC: $8.10)

Address scholarships dedicated to graduating high school seniors, offering them financial support to kickstart their college education. Provide insights into eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and tips for winning these scholarships.

Scholarships for nursing students (Search Volume : 2,400 | CPC: $7.90)

With the demand for qualified healthcare professionals, scholarships for nursing students are highly sought after. Inform aspiring nurses about scholarships, grants, and financial aid programs available to them.

Scholarships for MBA students (Search Volume : 2,200 | CPC: $7.70)

Discuss scholarships tailored specifically for students pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). Highlight renowned business schools and their scholarship offerings, application requirements, and success stories.

Scholarships for study abroad (Search Volume : 2,800 | CPC: $7.50)

Studying abroad can be a transformative experience, but it comes with significant costs. Provide information on scholarships that support students’ study abroad ambitions, including country-specific scholarships, application tips, and cultural insights.

Scholarships for online education (Search Volume : 2,500 | CPC: $7.30)

As online education gains popularity, scholarships dedicated to distance learning are becoming more prevalent. Inform readers about online scholarship opportunities, reputable online universities, and their application procedures.

Scholarships for veterans (Search Volume : 2,100 | CPC: $7.10)

Show appreciation for the brave men and women who have served in the military by highlighting scholarships specifically designed for veterans. Discuss organizations, foundations, and government programs that offer financial aid to veterans pursuing higher education.

Scholarships for students with disabilities (Search Volume : 2,300 | CPC: $6.90)

Raise awareness about scholarships available to students with disabilities, ensuring equal access to education for all. Provide information on disability-focused scholarships, advocacy organizations, and supportive resources.

Scholarships for African-American students (Search Volume : 2,400 | CPC: $6.70)

Focus on scholarships aimed at empowering African-American students, promoting educational opportunities and fostering inclusivity. Highlight notable scholarships, achievements of African-American scholars, and organizations supporting these students.

Scholarships for computer science (Search Volume : 2,600 | CPC: $6.50)

Computer science scholarships cater to students pursuing careers in the digital age. Shed light on prestigious scholarships, coding boot camps, and the importance of computer science education in today’s world.

Scholarships for first-generation college students (Search Volume : 2,500 | CPC: $6.30)

Address the unique challenges faced by first-generation college students and provide information on scholarships designed to support their educational aspirations. Share success stories and resources to help these students navigate the application process.

Scholarships for single mothers (Search Volume : 2,200 | CPC: $6.10)

Acknowledge the dedication of single mothers pursuing higher education by highlighting scholarships tailored to their needs. Discuss organizations, foundations, and programs that offer financial assistance to single mothers pursuing degrees.

In conclusion to my research, By incorporating these high CPC “scholarship” keywords into your content strategy, you can attract organic traffic, increase your site’s visibility, and maximize your revenue potential. Remember to focus on providing valuable information, tips, success stories, and resources related to each scholarship category. Through your content, empower students to pursue their educational dreams without the burden of financial constraints.

Using the above keywords will definitely increase your cpc as the cpc are of high prompt.

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